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Quotations - Analyzed and checked all the necessary documentation for registration in order to approve Guarantee limits appropriate to the needs of our customers .


Registraton - Check and analysis of all documents requested for the registration aiming the approval of Guarantee Limits meeting the needs of the clients.


Final Risk - We structure projects through issuance of policies Completion Bond and Performance Bond, in order to ensure the implementation and the start of the project with the funder. We have partnership with companies that are specialized in Financial Planning in order to obtain resources from financial agents such as BNDES and Investment funds.


Underwriting - Analysis of “Insurance Programs” and assistance on getting a suitable coverage to meet the requirements of bidding processes and in accordance to the type of exposure.


Issuance of Policies - Our know-how allows us to agree in advance with some insurers all terms and conditions of the policy, which speeds up its issuance.


       Surety Bond Insurance 

The guarantee insurance it is guarantees the faithful performance of the obligations of the borrower by the insured in private and public procurement as well as bids .

Engineering Risks

The Insurance Engineering Risk in its various shapes and forms it is a safe replacement of assets in all types of civil work.

Liability Insurance

The Liability Insurance is intended to protect the insurand against financial responsibilities with respect to third parties.

Portfolio of Transport

The portfolio of transpot covers all transport insurance on goods and goods transported .

Life Insurance

The Life Insurance plans are those intended to provide risk coverage ( eg, death, disability , serious illness ) and / or survival coverage .

Lessor bail Insurance 

The Lessor bail Insurance aims to cover during the policy period the losses incurred as a result of default by the guaranteed rental agreement.

Auto Insurance

The Auto Insurance client is protected not only against possible thefts but also bumps also even total loss and property and bodily injury to third parties.

  Comprehensive Insurance

The Comprehensive Insurance covers assets such as homes premises of a factory or a shopping mall and what is inside.

Fleet Insurance

The Fleet Insurance it is set of two or more vehicles featuring auto fleet insurance which can be hired on the same insurer for a single company or individual.

Equipment Insurance

Ensure compensation to the insured in kind of damage caused by external cause damage or repairing them or replacing equipment damaged.

Travel Insurance

Guarantee safety and service to travelers especially as they relate to emergencies theft misplacement and medical expenses not covered.

Other Insurance

We operate with all insurance available in the market . If you wish to receive information or perform a quotation please contact our team.



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